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My (pen)name is Demi, you can use they/them, but I don't mind any (⌒▽⌒)☆


Demi is feeling paranoid

Why? Staying up till 2am watching creepy videos

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Welcome to NotAlone! I'm a very basic student. I go out sometimes, if not I'm looking at something to do with crime, reading, or watching shows... A hermit, I believe (´ヮ`) I hope my site is enjoyable to you...

  • Site is based on AngelCity, yes I made my own html coding for this, but it is completely based on their site ‹𝟹
  • If you are on a laptop you may need to unzoom in to see the full homepage. If there is anymore errors please let me know because this site is still new!
  • Leading links on my site may lead to : Flashing Lighs, Horror, Jumpscares, Mention of death/sh/gore - If these happen to trigger you, click links with caution. I also cannot confirm if my site or any of my leading links are formatted correctly on a moblie device.

"There used to be something behind your eyes, but when they move it all feels hollow. The path is gone, It will not come back. There are others here but they do not help you. You have to keep moving. Everything is hollow, the only thing left is the spark in your throat that keeps you running. The one that tells you that you are lost but this is not the end. There is something in the fog. You are scared. You run. It will be alright. I promise."

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Finished most of this site, I may add more in the near future...


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